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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Learn From The Story Of The Know-It All

I read a web-email today from Kevin Wilke, Co-Founder Nitro Marketing.

It was all about the dangers of 4 words that close your mind like a steel-trap and prevent you from moving forward.

Those 4 words are...

"I already know that."

Kevin's point was that when you talk to someone, attend a seminar or use a consultant you should be open-minded. Saying to yourself "I already know that" stops your brain from listening to what's being said. After all why burden you with more information?

I first really noticed this about 8 years ago at a Jay Abraham seminar.

We'd all gone into the seminar room and I noticed a well-dressed gentleman talking to Jay. As I was sat near them I could hear every word.

Jay had sent all attendees an enormous box of his manuals, audio and videos. A great value. This man was saying "I already know all this how can this seminar help me?"

Jay heard what he said and told him that he'd get great value and if he felt he hadn't he would get his money back.

The following day I saw the man talking to Jay again and again I was close by. The man told Jay that he was not learning anything he didn't already know. So he wanted his money back. Jay agreed and the man left the seminar.

You know that Jay Abraham is probably the highest paid marketing guru on the planet. You're going to hear some of what you've already heard from him and from others who've learnt their craft from him.

Just as I did during that seminar.

The difference for me was that I went with an open mind. I found lots of new points and nuances to help me and my clients further. In addition I had sudden aha moments for different ways of doing business for my clients.

So did I already know it all?

No, not by a long way.

 I got much more value than the thousands the seminar cost.

What about the know it all?

They obviously knew so much more than Jay that they could afford to take some time out to check Jay's seminar then once their inital thought was confirmed to get their money back.

But did they get Aha moments, new ways of getting clients sparked by Jay's talk but not by it's details?

The answer my friends is they got what they expected: No value.

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