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Friday, June 23, 2006

Marketing Your Business Can Be Easy

Marketing applies to everything a business does. The problem?

Many people don't know what they can do to improve the marketing in their business. And in not knowing what they don't know they don't look for marketing help, struggle on, sometimes barely making a living.

E-Myth Question

I occasionally look at the E-Myth site to see what Michael Gerber and his people say about business growth. I was struck by a question that they were asked. So I answered the question through a comment. I don't know whether Benjamin who asked the question will see my comment so let me tell you what I said, why and what Benjamin needs to do next...

Benjamin asked how previous clients could be persuaded to effectively return and buy more mid to high end jewelry from his store when currently only 15% of his clients do.

One Marketing-Related Answer Coming Up!

My comment was roughly: 

Keep a relationship going so you're at the top of their mind when they think jewelry.  How do you keep the relationship going? I suggested that he check out this blog for tips on sending out stuff in a variety of ways to maintain customers interest.

Then I thought a little more about it and decided to provide a few ways that a jewelry store could easily

  1. Get their customers details
  2. Keep in touch with them
  3. Persuade them to re-visit and buy

Getting Customer Details

Have a monthly draw where everyone who fills in a form (with their details - email address, phone, name, income range, address, , birth day and month, age range and if applicable item purchased, types of jewelry they like) can win a voucher worth 20% off their next single item purchase.

Every customer who buys a piece from them is asked to complete the form so that they can get offers on like items, sale items and be put into the monthly draw too.

Create special VIP customer nights where people designated as VIPs get to browse the store after shut down with refreshments. They need to fill in the form too. VIPs are those people you want to use your store and/or current clients.

There are many other ways of building your customer lists... questionnaires, feedback forms, complaint forms, joint ventures with others such as high-end clothing, high-end photographers.

The list goes on.

Keep In Touch With Them

As soon as they've purchased an item of jewelry put a note in the little bag you give them. The note should thank them for their custom, maybe give a little-know tip on jewelry care and a little of the history of the shop, the owner and some of the more memorable pieces you've had.

Then follow that up with a monthly (short)  email/ postcard or letter. Try different ways of getting in touch. Let them know about things such as the latest hot selling item, what to look out for in forged jewelry, how to clean costume jewelry, offer free cleaning of their most expensive item, cut-price valuation of any two items, the VIP night offers.

The next month change the way you communicate to them if it was a letter last time use an email this time. Keep them short, friendly and helpful.

Maintain a log to see what results you get.

Occassionally pull someone out of a hat and phone them to see how they like the piece they bought last time, don't sell just get feedback. Find out how they like the communication with you.

Get a web site up, and or a blog. A blog can be better because you can flag up imminent events at the store, or show pictures of exclusive pieces you've just got in. Or show your jewelry buying trips. Show your jewelry on great looking people - not models though!

Send a birthday letter to all those having a birthday that month - again a special offer for them.

Remember the benefits of PR in your town and surrounding area.

Again the list just goes on.

Persuade Then To Visit And To Buy

Your communications should all have a great headline, friendly well-worded copy and always give an offer that you know your clients would find irresistible.

You know them and  you know their hot buttons.

Keep following up with different headlines, offers and copy.

When you get a job lot in search your database for people who bought a related item. Send them an offer...

I know you see where I'm going so I won't labour the point.

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