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Friday, June 16, 2006

Seth Godin Always Make Me Laugh

Seth Godin's blog is a place I go for a good laugh.

Not because he talks rubbish.

Although to be fair he does sometimes.

No. What I like are the comments that he gets where people almost fall over themselves to discuss whatever he says.

I can just imagine him chortling to himself as he writes a particularly ironic posting. Certainly his post on gaining more traffic to your blog fell into that category with an enormous thump. Some people saw the funny side but generally it was discussed quite seriously.

This makes a very good point. How do people know that a "marketing expert" has told them useful stuff they can apply to their business? The more off-the-wall the advice maybe the less people feel able to question it?

It reminds me of a prospect that I was talking to who was very wary of marketing folk as he felt he'd been taken for a ride by one of them. He'd been told that his business would benefit from telemarketing. He paid up but got no results at all. He'd also completely rebranded his company at quite a significant cost.

Now to be fair as you know you do need to test different approaches to your prospects and clients. But my prospect had completely missed the point. He'd not talked through his business and marketing strategy with the marketing person. If he'd done that he'd have seen that they were clueless on marketing.

Did I get the contract? No, because he'd been burnt and now only saw marketing as a cost. One that he didn't really want to pay any more money out on...

So that prospective client missed out on some great marketing because they felt they'd been conned by their previous consultant.

Could that prospect have worked out whether the previous advice was relevant and applicable to his business? Maybe not. But he could certainly have checked exactly what results the consultant was expecting from the telesales.

Coming back to Seth's blog. In reality although I had a good laugh today Seth's blog is usually thought provoking.

Have a great weekend.

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