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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Do You Make These Search Engine Marketing Mistakes Too?

Search engine marketing and Internet marketing are two key phrases that generate enormous numbers of searches in Google, Yahoo, Overture and other search engines each month.

As just one example look at the US version of the Overture search engine. These are the monthly searches for marketing related keywords:

  1. Search Engine Marketing - 1,148,022 per month

  2. Marketing - 337,214

  3. Internet marketing - 283,868

  4. Email marketing 96,125

From that list you can see the steep difference in interest between search engine marketing and just marketing as key phrases.

Obviously people with web sites are more interested in search engine marketing to begin with. But do these figures reflect established web site companies or the number of companies waking up to the Internet and trying to get better visibility amongst the millions of pages?

Given the level of interest in search engine marketing and presumably search engine optimization it's useful to see this list of "Top 10 Mistakes With Search Engine Optimization" .

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