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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Press Releases Are Dead

"Press releases are dead", say the Internet enthusiasts. "Press releases will die because of the Internet and email", say the Internet luddites.

People have been saying that press releases face a natural death for a long time now. Previously I've asked Why Would Anyone Write Press Releases?

There's no doubt that the Internet changes the way we communicate. Just as the airplane changed how quickly and how far large numbers of passengers could be moved relatively cheaply so the Internet increases the rate of communication and the number of people you can communicate with.

The new airplane didn't kill off transport by ship, by lorry or by train. So the Internet wont kill off press releases either

The reason?

For some time now we've had web sites that act as Press release hubs. Where you send your press release and journalists have the opportunity to browse them to see if they're of interest.

Two FREE press release sites are and

The latest press release I've got at draws parallels between business and The World Cup.  Check it out and look at all the other releases that are there too. Does that look as though the press release is dead?

If your press release is full of hype it wont be added to the site. However, if you have interesting newsworthy content you'll get added.

So press releases are now more Internet friendly and the sites are helping journalists by not adding over-hyped releases.

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