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Monday, June 05, 2006

Google Co-op Is Going To Change Search Marketing

Google Co-op is an interesting beta program from Google.

It's intention is to help people when they search. That has the potential to change search engine marketing.

It's aim is to allow people to subscribe to experts who can help them by highlighting useful information when a subscriber runs a search.

The Google Co-op beta splits into providers and users.

Providers (the experts) set-up XML of what they expect are commonly used search terms and link that with their own take on what is useful.

The users run searches and are provided with useful links from the experts.

Sounds very useful doesn't it?

It will be provided the experts are true experts and we don't have this facility hijacked by spammers. I've taken a photo of my co-op page at the moment. You can subscribe to me using this page. I'll be putting useful business growth and marketing links on shortly.

All I ask is you let me know what you think.

Google Co-op page (Beta)

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