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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's Your Story? Is It Anything Like Mine?

You are unique aren't you? There is nobody else like you in the entire world.

So how you go to where you are now is different to how I did.

Let me tell you a story about my own background...

Firstly I'm one of seven children. Which having 4 children myself never ceases to amaze me that my mum and dad could handle that many! I've always liked writing, even way back before I was at school. I even started my first novel several times when I lived in Singapore.

The whole family lived in Sinagapore for nearly 2 and a half years because my dad was in the RAF and was stationed there during the sixties. It was definitely a time of flower power but Singapore was buttoned down tight and I don't think I ever saw a hippy there.

We all loved Singapore and our lives in Singapore very much. It gave me a hankering to return to it to see whether it was still a great place to be. Did I return? That's something I'll talk about another time.

The thing about Singapore was that it gave me immense freedom. I'd always had asthma before arriving in Singapore but when I arrived it went. My lungs which had been barely able to expel a small breath burst into life and I felt as though I could do anything.

So I crammed lots of experiences into my time there.

My attempting to write novels began purely because I was bursting with energy and felt fantastic all the time. Before I'd simply read books reading in bed as something to while the hours away as I waited to recover from my latest asthma bout. Now I could run around, swim, walk, be in Scouts. Anything, including writing.

And that's where I got my love of the written word. Singapore started my interest in writing and all my life since then I've been writing in one form or another.

I've created presentations, proposals, specifications, adverts, direct mail, web sites, blogs, leaflets and posters.

Has it ever been a bind?

Well, yes sometimes. But that has been a rare occassion.

When I discovered Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, David Olgivy and the other great copywriters I just loved to see how they wrote. Of course the only problem is that there are so many good copywriters around. And so little time to read them all!

As my little brother Roddy said recently, "you need your own voice when you're writing your blog".  Certainly I've learnt and applied many, many copywriting lessons and now I write exactly how I feel.

Do that in your own copy. Get your story down. Why did you start the business? What made your product a "must have?"  And if your product is truly excellent it's going to sell like hotcakes.

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