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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Marketing Is Full Of Suprises

Isn't it funny what you find out?

I've just returned from sitting in on an interview I'd arranged for one of my clients with a journalist from "The Manchester Evening News" (part of the UK Guardian group). The piece is going to be a profile piece in next Tuesdays MEN (Independence Day, otherwise known as the  4th July).

I knew Adrian was an interesting person. He'd been a West End and UK stage producer for quite a number of years producing 42nd Street, Dr. Dolittle, Summer Holiday and many others. He was responsible for bringing Riverdance over to the UK from Ireland and launched it on an unsuspecting public!

He'd then decided to start-up a video production company. He was probably the first to get High Definition cameras in the North of England.

So I knew that they'd have plenty to get a good profile for Adrian and his company.

I'd already asked Adrian for his biography but as he usually is he was much too modest in it!

These were some of the things I discovered...

  • He flew cars on wires into an Oxford theatre for a Rover eight car launch (way before Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang)
  • He'd put on Summer Holiday at Backpool and sold out the full 25 week run (nowadays that's unheard of)
  • He'd been the first to tour Cats when the West End production was still going
  • He toured Chess profitably
  • He'd put on a show on Broadway (An Irish Dance show)
  • He'd produced the Copacabana (Barry Manilow) muscial
  • As part of his marketing he started to produce and edit TV shows.
  • he produced "The Making of..." for Copacabana which was shown on ITV in the UK
  • he produced "Michael Barrymore on Broadway" for the BBC

And there was lots more. I won't add to the list or I might get repetitive strain injury - read it in the MEN.

Apart from anything else it just shows when you think you know a fair bit about someone or something you suddenly find extra layers!

So don't assume...

If you're interested in what Adrian does now check out the Cut N Copy Web site. He also provides a nice little booklet for budding business DVD producers which you can get from his Cut N Copy Web site contact section.

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