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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Marketing Won't Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow's Ear

It's true isn't it? We know from our own experience something that is praised to high heaven as the best thing since sliced bread and yet is run of the mill...

Were we disappointed?

You bet! Did we tell anybody? Of course. Lots more people than we tell if our purchase really is the best thing since sliced bread.

I was reminded of this when I received Gary Bencivenga's latest bullet (marketing bulletin) today. In it he notes the "Most Important 9 Word Sentence In Marketing History". And in his bullet Gary extols the necessity of doing deep research on your product.

It's essential for a copywriter to understand the product and service completely. If you're writing copy for a service or product you own you're automatically in a good position. However, if it's simply a "me too" product and you can't find anything unique to say to get people excited what then?

You might get sales, but they won't be loyal customers. You'll probably compete on price. You'll be running from deal to deal desperate to get that profit.

Yet often outside eyes can help you see that extra edge you've got.

Remember Adrian from Cut N Copy Media? He didn't realise that his edge is his proven theatrical-based creativity and ability to think of great ways to enhance a product with video presentations. It needed someone else to point that out to him. Yet Adrian was great at marketing for the theatre's productions he ran.

Remember research is the bedrock of brilliant copywriting. Look at Gary Bencivenga's latest bullet for his starter list of 10 questions to ask before writing anything at all.

I'm a keen fan of great copywriters and certainly Gary Bencivenga is up there with the greats. So check out what he says and give me your take on it if you will.


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