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Monday, June 26, 2006

Can A Blog Rock?

A blog can best be described as a communication channel that's available to almost anyone.

The downside with that is the number of new blogs getting created, old ones floating around and current ones updating. That means we're all deluged with the possibilities.

If we use RSS feeds to get posts we have to be very selective. If we sign up for everything that catches our fancy we end up getting more posts than we can physically read in a working week. Yes I know, I've done it!

Think on this for a moment though...

If a business blog is to communicate it should aim for your current clients and prospects. If you write for them you don't need to be too concerned about the all the other blogs out there. And believe me there are some great blogs out there too.

What about getting people signed up for your blog?

It's nice to have an acknowledgement that people find your writing interesting. That's the cream on the cake. The cake is your current clients and prospects. If they sign up that's the beginning of a relationship, or the deepening of an existing one. That's exactly what you want to happen.

Marketing is about TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) so a regular blog contributes to that as part of your marketing strategy.

Now we know what a business blog should do we can ask the question: How can a blog rock?

The answer lies with your clients and prospects. Ask them what you can write that will interest them, intrigue them and be helpful to them. Only then can you get a blog that your readers want to read and think it rocks!

So, what do you want from this blog?

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