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Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging Is Based On Lies

Or at least if you believe it's an easy part of your marketing campaign it is.

Ann Handley at MarketingProfs: Daily Fix asks a great question. "What's the Biggest Lie About Blogging?"

The great thing about this post are the comments as people note what they think is the biggest lie. One comment from Jeremy Wright author of Blog Marketing (Amazon link) lists 37 lies about blogging, I'm just going to highlight a couple of his "lies", the rest are at "What's the Biggest Lie About Blogging?"

2. Always maintain a hostile relationship with your audience.
4. It's just a PR channel.
5. Don't have a personality if you're blogging for business.
11. I don't have time to blog.
16. Blogs are basically just Web sites.
17. Only cranks with too much time on their hands read blogs.
18. Blogs are a great marketing gimmick, so I should catch the buzz wave and contrive one.
22. Competitors will steal your ideas.
23. You need to be able to write to blog.
30. Blogs are unique.

Ok, that's maybe more than a couple!

In fact looking at the comments and there are now over 50 lies people can think of.

It's fascinating...

I can think of a few more UK-oriented blog lies:

  1. Blogs are way too an American an idea
  2. Businesses don't understand or want blogs in the UK
  3. Businesses will not recruit bloggers to write for them like they do in the USA
  4. There are too many USA blogs for the UK ones to be noticed

All serious bloggers know the lies about blogging.


It is all about perception. They may be lies to us but if we can't convince readers or prospective readers or future bloggers that the blogging lies are just lies blogging could remain a nice little sidewater...except.


Read my next post on why blogging is set to explode onto the corporate scene.

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